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Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods v1.5.6 Hotfix - CODEX

Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods Game Free Download Torrent
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After the fall of Thanos in game Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods, the Absolute Evil finally triumphed. Players managed to fill the world with an atmosphere of horror, with which, however, the Goddess of Light disagreed to put up. The last battle is coming, which once and for all will determine the fate of the eternal confrontation. In the DLC Clash of Gods, gamers will discover a story campaign consisting of eight missions, a new mode for the cooperative, previously unprecedented enemies, even more deadly traps and more. This time, Evil and Good have reached maximum strength, so you need to find out which of them is steeper.

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Euclidean Skies v08.02.2019

Euclidean Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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Euclidean Skies — a game in the style of turn-based puzzle, where you have to go more than five dozen levels. The complexity of each stage will increase, which will make the game more interesting. Each level will introduce you to the main character, who is stuck and can not find a way out of this ill-fated place. You must help him in this difficult task, because the further he goes, the harder it will be to cope with the task. You will be engaged in a variety of actions that are closely related to the solution of secrets and puzzles.

Stellaris MegaCorp v2.2.4 - CODEX

Stellaris MegaCorp Game Free Download Torrent
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Stellaris MegaCorp — a new addition to the global space strategy Stellaris from the Paradox Development studio called MegaCorp. It will focus on the economic component. You have to stand at the head of a powerful corporate empire, striving to spread its trade networks as far as possible. Addition MegaCorp will offer a new approach to business management on a galactic scale, combining shopping areas and planet cities with virtuoso solutions to support citizens and the fund of labor. Supplement for the global space strategy of Stellaris, which will allow players to become the head of a huge corporation, seeking to spread their trading networks as far as possible.

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Rising Lords v0.0.4 - SKIDROW

Rising Lords Game Free Download Torrent
Rising Lords — turn-based strategy in the medieval setting, where under your control will be a squad of brave fighters who will participate in exciting tactical battles with elements of a card game. Fans of Battle Brothers will probably be interested to know that the game called Rising Lords took place: a very similar turn-based strategy in the atmosphere of medieval Europe. The developers promise tactical battles with an element of card, board games, multiplayer with up to four people, as well as a unique visual style that copies frescoes and engravings of the early European Middle Ages.

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Frostpunk v1.3.3 (The Fall of Winterhome) - CODEX

Frostpunk Game Free Download Torrent
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Steampunk town-planning simulator, which involves the construction of the city in the permafrost. In the post-apocalyptic scenario of Frostpunk, there was only one ice around, among which the city would have to be built. You are waiting for a series of complex decisions on the road to prosperity. A harsh environment dictates its conditions, and you have to adapt to the environment, gradually realizing every meter of the earth, letting the ice into the steam engines that provide the work of the whole city. Players are invited to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of survival literally from the first minutes after the start of the game. You are in the center of a cataclysm that happened for an unknown reason on our planet. The whole planet is shrouded in cold and snow, and you are the leader of one of the many surviving groups. You have found a crater with a thermal generator in it and now you need to do everything possible to build a full-fledged city around the crater in which the surviving survivors can live a full life in the conditions of the ice age.

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Endless Space 2 Penumbra v1.4.6 - CODEX

Endless Space 2 Penumbra Game Free Download Torrent
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Endless Space 2 Penumbra — when it was created, the developers were inspired by the Cultists faction from Endless Legend. It turned out a race sharpened for real tall gameplay, suggesting intensive development in a small number of highly developed systems, which is already a kind of challenge. The main feature of The Umbral Choir — espionage is a high-tech observation of opponents and the use of hacking systems mechanics to obtain various advantages, quite different from the mechanics of espionage from Civilization that is outdated in space times.

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Warhammer 40000 Gladius Tyranids v1.2.2 (upd.06.02.2019) - CODEX

Warhammer 40000 Gladius Tyranids Game Free Download Torrent
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The official addition to the Warhammer 40000 strategy is Gladius Relics of War, which adds a new Tyranid race to the game. Warhammer 40000 Gladius Tyranids is a turn-based 4X strategy developed by Proxy Studios and released by Slitherine Software on personal computers in July 2018. Gladius Relics of War is the first step-by-step 4X strategy in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In the story on the planet Gladius Prime, a fierce struggle for domination over resources unfolded, in which the classic factions of the World of War Hammer clashed: orcs, necrons, space paratroopers and the Imperial Guard, now renamed Astra Militarum.

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Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Update 1 (upd.06.02.2019) - SKIDROW

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Game Free Download Torrent
Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 is a sequel to the space strategy Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, whose events unfold in the Warhammer 40.000 universe. New strategy Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 in all bigger and more ambitious than the original. At the time of release, the game will include all 12 factions from the original board game: Imperial Fleet, Space Marines, Adeptus Mechanicus, Necrons, Chaos, Eldar Corsairs, Kraftworld Eldar, Drukhari Dark Eldar, Tau Trade and Defensive Fleets, Orcs, as well as Tyranids. The plot of the game are fresh scripts from the Warhammer 40.000 universe, including the events of the 13th Black Crusade and the Coming Storm.

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Europa Universalis IV Golden Century v1.28.3 - CODEX

Europa Universalis IV Golden Century Game Free Download Torrent
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Europa Universalis IV Golden Century — upplement for the global historical strategy of Europa Universalis 4, will send players to the countries of the Iberian Peninsula. Golden Century will improve the graphical component of the main game and bring a number of useful features. So for example, you can expel national minorities from your countries, expanding the size of colonies with them and strengthening stability in the metropolis itself or creating religious orders to reduce the risk of rebellion. Players will be waiting for new opportunities, such as the establishment of their own religious order, the creation of a pirate republic and the colonization of new lands. The tree of skills for the countries of Iberia and North-West Africa, including Spain and Andalusia, will also expand.

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Celestial Command v0.882 - SKIDROW

Celestial Command Game Free Download Torrent
Celestial Command is a space sandbox with random generation of the world and realistic orbital mechanics. In the game you will be able to create your own spaceship and even a huge fleet. Explore space, collect resources, earn money and improve your ship. You can even do piracy, which will make good money in a short time, but a well-armed ship is necessary for piracy, otherwise you will quickly become a victim from a hunter.

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