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Hinterhalt 2 v1.11 - PLAZA

Hinterhalt 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Hinterhalt 2 — simple in its performance and available to everyone the game, which is executed in the style of strategy, and the actions take place in real time. You find yourself in the most terrible and bloody events of the Second World War. Here you have to take control of the army, with which you will conquer more and more lands. In order to always be in a winning position in relation to the enemy, you will build underground tunnels, strengthen them in every way and create numerous bases to prepare for the next battle.

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Beyond v20181215 - PLAZA

Beyond Game Free Download Torrent
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Beyond is an indie game, all actions in which will take place from a first-person perspective. Here, the mystery is intertwined with survival, which means that you have to become part of a crazy, dangerous, but at the same time fascinating world. The storyline tells you about the main character, who is faced with a rather sad situation in his life. The fact is that your relative dies completely due to unknown circumstances, so you need to find out everything.

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Dread of Laughter v20181108 - PLAZA

Dread of Laughter Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
In front of you is an ominous survival horror from the Icy North Games studio, a toy called «Dread of Laughter» in which players are invited to escape from a dangerous maniac throughout the whole storyline. Moreover, she was also the target of a dangerous maniac killer. And this is the main highlight of the game. Maniac will hunt for a girl, scare her scattered around the remains of bodies and severed limbs, create an atmosphere of eternal fear and scare her in all possible ways. The task of the player is to save and survive. But to survive in such conditions is not so easy, especially since the developers do not give the player any weapons or any abilities there.

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EXAPUNKS upd.04.11.2018 - DARKSiDERS

EXAPUNKS Game Free Download Torrent
1997 has come to EXAPUNKS. You are a former hacker who has become infected with a bacteriophage. You have made a deal: one hacking — one healing dose. There is nothing to lose but your life. The game process is divided into three main stages. The first is that you are reading the underground computer magazine Trash World News. On its pages are located training, tips on hacking, secret information and burning comments. The second stage is programming EXA. This is a virus that will help break through networks, will clone itself, delete files, destroy other EXA and disappear without leaving a trace. The third stage is for the sake of which everything is started.

Citrouille - SiMPLEX

Citrouille Game Free Download Torrent
Citrouille is an arcade platform game in the genre where you will get to know very nice, but at the same time quite powerful witches. Embark on an adventure to find all the lost sweets. Children’s appearance of the main characters is very distracting, because the gameplay itself is filled with madness and ruthlessness. To complete all the levels, you should connect all your strengths and powers, trying to improve your skills throughout the game. Rely on your magical abilities, because they will lead you to the successful execution of the task.

Lethal League Blaze - HOODLUM

Lethal League Blaze Game Free Download Torrent
Lethal League Blaze is an intense, high-speed ball game with unique characters, outta sight sounds and nothing of this weak shit. In Shine City, a game with an anti-gravity ball has long been illegal. The group that continued to play was named Death League. Even now, when their sport pushed the underground, players and teams competed in the League for challenge and respect. The goal in the game is to hit your opponents with a ball. You can manipulate the ball to get the perfect angle and use your character’s special actions to surprise them. But each blow accelerates a ball or even doubles its speed, up to amazingly extreme speeds. You can mark the ball with your color, but at these high speeds the tables turn quickly. You can play on the spot with friends and opponents, independently in single player modes or fight on the Internet.

Wenjia - HOODLUM

Wenjia Game Free Download Torrent
Wenjia is a platformer that will send you to a fabulous two-dimensional universe, where you will encounter an interesting story and go through a series of tests in order to achieve your goal. The game world is divided into two kingdoms, the territory of which you will have to explore, moving from one location to another. These kingdoms are presented as a material and energy world, each of which is unique in its execution, and also prepared quite a few interesting events for you. Each island will constantly face some kind of problems, and you will pass the obstacles associated with them.

Seven The Days Long Gone v1.2.0.1 (upd.17.10.2018) - GOG

Seven The Days Long Gone Game Free Download Torrent
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Seven The Days Long Gone — do not let this game deceive you, because in spite of the fact that the camera is located on top of it, you will not need to build bases, protect allies, try somehow to take possession of a large number of units, because at the very In fact, this project is more like an action, which can not but please those people who do not like to think too long of the technique of fighting and the tactics by which they will act, because the developers and counted when they created this project . Only in this form, they could demonstrate all the imperfection of the world, which is gradually coming to its end, at least in the vastness of this entertainment.

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All Walls Must Fall v1.2.10884 - SKIDROW

All Walls Must Fall Game Free Download Torrent
All Walls Must Fall is an isometric RPG with elements of strategy and atmospheric noir style. Before you an alternative reality, in which the USSR did not give up its positions and retained the Warsaw Pact unit. The game takes place in Berlin in 2089, the Berlin Wall is still in place. Rigid competition led to the creation of time manipulation technologies, which allowed one to follow one another and to anticipate every possible step of an opponent. Everything would be fine until a nuclear war happened! Both sides rush to the past their best agents to find out the causes of the war and stop it.

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Sheltered Stasis upd.09.10.2018 - SiMPLEX

Sheltered Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic RPG survivor in which you will lead a family of survivors in a special shelter. Humanity on the verge of extinction, a terrible virus has penetrated into every house and the only salvation is radiation. Mankind was forced to personally use nuclear missiles on its own, thus destroying the entire civilization together with the virus. Only a few managed to survive in various shelters. For one of these surviving families, you will play. Go out to dangerous streets in search of other survivors, look for useful items and supplies.

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