Crackdown 3

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Crackdown 3 is a computer game that is of great interest to the public because it has become one of the first truly worthwhile games for the Xbox One. But fortunately for the fans of the series, the developers still decided to release it for personal computers running the Windows 10 operating system. At the same time, it is the PC version that stands out with a huge range of graphics settings, it is now incredibly flexible and is more than just the choice of resolution or anti-aliasing, and the graphics itself has become much better and supports widescreen resolution, up to 4K. At the same time, the action of the game remained true to the original.
This game will soon be available for download on our website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

LEGO DC Super-Villains v1.0.0.13880 - CODEX

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LEGO DC Super-Villains is a new game version from the famous LEGO series. The project is very different from the previous parts due to its elaborate storyline. It turned out to be incredibly interesting and inimitable. No one knows what she presents to us. Take control of a certain character and fight with numerous villains. Anyone should advance as much as they need. I would like to note that the plot here is quite intricate. Everything is thought out incredibly cool, there are many different characters. For a long time, the heroes had to manage the city, control the order and watch those who disappear somewhere. One day, to replace them come a gang of villains, and their head is the Joker.

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Europa Universalis IV Golden Century v1.28.3 - CODEX

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Europa Universalis IV Golden Century — upplement for the global historical strategy of Europa Universalis 4, will send players to the countries of the Iberian Peninsula. Golden Century will improve the graphical component of the main game and bring a number of useful features. So for example, you can expel national minorities from your countries, expanding the size of colonies with them and strengthening stability in the metropolis itself or creating religious orders to reduce the risk of rebellion. Players will be waiting for new opportunities, such as the establishment of their own religious order, the creation of a pirate republic and the colonization of new lands. The tree of skills for the countries of Iberia and North-West Africa, including Spain and Andalusia, will also expand.

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TheHunter Call of the Wild v1.29 + DLC - CODEX

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If you thought that the game spaces of virtual adventures can no longer provide interesting and original adventures, then you are deeply mistaken. This time we have a nice gift for you in the form of a game project called The Hunter: Call of the Wild, which suggests going on a long journey and taking on the role of a simple animal or hunter. In fact, you will be offered to simply plunge into adventure and just carefully study the entire game world, which will be presented in the vast vast universe inhabited by animals and nature, the area of which reaches 50,000 square km. And this will all be available for research and the subsequent formation of a sensation of wild travel. The game is designed for players of up to 8 people, so you can enjoy an interesting adventure with your friends, explore vast areas and simply enjoy the beauties that were created with the help of the game engine Apex. It remains only to download The Hunter Call of the Wild torrent for free and you can go on an adventure to achieve your goals.

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theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando v1.29 - CODEX

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theHunter Call of the Wild Parque Fernando — you traveled through the hills and valleys, savannas and snow-covered forests. Now it’s time to go to South America. Park Fernando needs your help: you have to turn the wilderness of Patagonia into a world-class hunting reserve. Make your way through dried forests and cross swamps, hills and green meadows, discovering strong points and building hunting lodges. Caroline, the harsh owner of the reserve, can’t wait to see what you are worth. Only time will tell if you can turn this land into a real paradise for hunters.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance v1.8.1 - CODEX

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If you are free to list all the games in the medieval setting and for this you will have five fingers of one hand, then you definitely want to download from the torrent Kingdom Come Deliverance — a real mediaeval action to the brain of the bone, in which there are no orcs, magic, meticulous elves and other creatures. Dirt, pigs, knights, yelp of steel, cries of the fallen — all this horror suffices in the presented game on the computer. It is worth noting that the presented game is entirely devoted to the themes of the Middle Ages as much as possible in principle. The main place of action is Bohemia, which at the moment is part of the Czech Republic.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Band of Bastards v1.8.1 (upd.05.02.2019) - CODEX

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Band of Bastards — they were hired by Pan Radzig Mare, trying to get rid of local gangsters. But in the course of the investigation, it turns out that the leader of the mercenaries, Baron Kuno, has longstanding accounts with one gang of criminals. Now a massive battle can not be avoided. The roads around Rattai are far from safety, so Sir Radzig Mare enlisted the help of an old acquaintance, impoverished but insidious, Baron Kuno from Richwald and his notorious hired group. Radzig sends Henry to lead the group through the territory. And to restrain their unbridled appetite for the problem. They are going to patrol the provinces and soon discover that Radzig’s sworn enemies have come to settle old bills long ago. The competing groups take part in the war one by one, which ends up with an inevitable confrontation.

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HammerHelm v9.3 (upd.05.02.2019)

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HammerHelm gnomes have always dreamed of a calm on a peaceful land, under the rays of the summer sun and blue clouds. You are assigned the role of champion of this settlement, and you alone must do everything to ensure the peaceful existence of the whole people, to secure their lands, farm and families. But the land on which you were filled with dangers, and not always obvious. You will face a large number of obstacles before you become a winner. Something very dangerous is at the threshold of your settlement.

Disgaea 5 Complete v20190204 - CODEX

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Disgaea 5 Complete is an incredibly interesting game, the release of which on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch took place a few years ago. The first parts of the game gained huge popularity, they attracted the attention of a large number of people. Now the developers have decided to release the legendary sequel, which will be no less interesting. Role-playing game is made in the same Japanese style and is classic. Until a certain time, none of the developers could not have imagined that the game would gain good popularity, but a certain miracle happened. I would like to note that the project has received several innovations.

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Spike Volleyball - CODEX

Spike Volleyball Game Free Download Torrent
Spike Volleyball is a game whose foundation is taken from the world of sports, in which you will plunge into your head and take on the role of a professional volleyball player. Here you will have a choice between five dozen teams, which include both women and men. Make a decision and choose one of the given teams, which you must by all means bring to victory. You will take part in various kinds of tournaments, including the most ambitious world championships, in which you need to collect as many victories as possible. The gameplay gives you the opportunity to participate in matches, to pass tests that increase professionalism, so that you become the best world player.